Plant Maintenance

What We Offer:

Ribald Farms offers various plant maintenance  programs  to fit your companies
needs. We will help you create an office plant design that fits within your budget
and helps create a great work environment.

Guaranteed  Maintenance  Program

Our Plant maintenance  / long term plant rental service assures our clients
continuously  thriving plants with flexible month to month terms, packaged  to fit
your needs.

Affordable Office Plants Including Designer Containers

High quality designer  containers  are included  in month-to-month  office plant
service. Office plant service is an affordable  and flexible alternative  for
businesses  of any size. Indoor plant rental rates are simple,  and month-to-month
interior plant leasing programs  offer 100o/o  guaranteed  plant maintenance  with
free replacements,  moves, and changes.

Our plant maintenance  programs  start as low as $65.00 per month for  weekly service .
The maintenance  cost per plant varies by the size of the plant. Below is
a scale to illustrate  how a monthly plant maintenance  program  would work with
your company:

Monthly Maintenance Cost———-$55.00/per month
Large Plants—————————-$15.00/per plant
Medium Plants—————————-$8.00/per plant
Small Plants——————————-$5.00/per plant


Ribald Farms provides a free

orchid arrangement  with every maintenance  plan that will remain in place

and rotated to brighten your work place.


lmpressive, Beautiful Plant Rentals and Tree Rentals for Special Corporate Events

We offer short term options to rent many types of green plants, trees, or flowering
plants for your corporate  events. Use our designers  to help plan and setup your
next corporate event or office party.

Please call one of our specialists (803.328.2266) to discuss how we can help set
up a customer corporate account that works best for your business or use the contact form below.

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